India's first pure play, standardised
reading skill assessment for children

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What is FAST Reading Assessment?

  • India’s first pure play, personalized & adaptive reading skill assessment for grades 4, 5 & 6
  • Designed to measure a child’s reading abilities and their expertise levels against national benchmarks
  • Created and incubated by seasoned practitioners, experts, educators and thought leaders from Harvard, IIM, SRCC, MICA
  • Backed by a decade of research on reading, and its undisputed importance in the overall development of an individual

Why is FAST Reading Assessment critical?

  • Gives a complete picture of each child's decoding, comprehension and reading fluency levels
  • It ascertains a child’s reading level – at, above or below grade/age level
  • Provides support in improving every child's reading, learning and expression abilities that build future academic success
  • Helps in building champions for life by continous and comprehensive evaluation year on year to establish learning gaps

How do I take FAST Reading Assessment?

  • One-on-One, 100% online test, to be taken by each child within the school premises under supervision
  • Conducted and coordinated at a pre-defined time slot

What do I know after taking FAST ?

  • National Norms
    • Grade wise national reading benchmarks for the country
    • Intra and Inter school report on students reading levels with reference to national data
  • Child
    • ‘Real time’ individual test scores for each child.
    • Individual percentile score of each child mapped to the school’s overall performance
  • School
    • School’s performance scores mapped locally and nationally
    • The ability to identify children who may be at risk of academic non-performance and provide corrective guidance
  • Repurposing
    • Recommended interventions for supporting children who are either at risk or need a boost to improve
    • Recommended best practices for schools and parents on how to transform a good reader into a great one

What is FAST based on?

  • Based on internationally established reading outcomes and assessment principles as laid down by PIRLS (global) *, Common Core (USA) ** and NCF 2005 (India) ***
  • Contextualized to meet culture and comfort of Indian children
  • Adaptive assessment to suit children’s personalised learning needs

how much do I pay?

  • FAST Reading Assessment is completely FREE of charge for schools across the country.
  • Slots are limited (on first come first serve basis )

What does the school receive after taking FAST?

  • Individual child specific report that can be shared with parents.
  • A school-wide detailed analysis on the state of reading
  • Opportunity to be a part and access to the first-ever national reading benchmark report


Leading schools from across the country have joined the movement by taking the assessment and committing to make India PISA ready by 2021 including:

  • Riverside School, Ahmedabad
  • Blue Bells International School, Delhi
  • DPS North, Bengaluru
  • Doon Internationational School, Dehradun
  • Army Public School, Delhi NCR
  • Bishops School Camp, Pune
  • Billabong High School, Bhopal
  • Heritage School, Kolkata

Here is what some of them had to say regarding their experience:

"It was easy to implement, it was interesting and age appropriate. The students were excited and did it without stress. On the whole, we are glad we participated."
Neena Singh, Leading Educationist and Head Akshar School, Kolkata

"Our students of classes 4th, 5th, 6th had taken the reading assessment test and I am delighted to tell you that our students found it interesting and enriching. Our students were excited to take the test as it was the first time they took such an online test. I would like you to prepare this reading assessment tests for classes 8th, 9th & 10th too as it would be a good exposure for them."
Harshmani Sai, Tribune Model School, Chandigarh

"The registration process was very simple and easy to follow. The students were able to do it themselves. The range of text and questions also seemed varied. We now look forward to knowing what we can do as a school to take the reading level higher."
Nandini Parekh, The Riverside School, Ahmedabad

"The Fast Reading assessment test for students from grades 4, 5 & 6 all in all was a joyous experience for the children, which is our top priority."
Archana Zulfiqar, Billabong High School, Bhopal


Any Questions?

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* Sample test link to see if system works seamlessly in your school
* PIRLS - Progress in International Reading Literacy Study
** Common Core (USA)a high quality academic standards
*** NFC - Progress in International Reading Literacy Study