India's first pure play, standardised
reading skill assessment for children

Deadline for registration extended till 25th September, 2017.

Limited Slots Available! Hurry!!

Test to be conducted between 15th September - 15th October 2017

What is FAST Reading Assessment?

  • India’s first pure play, personalized & adaptive reading skill assessment for grades 4, 5 & 6
  • Designed to measure a child’s reading abilities and their expertise levels against national benchmarks
  • Created and incubated by seasoned practitioners, experts, educators and thought leaders from Harvard, IIM, SRCC, MICA
  • Backed by a decade of research on reading, and its undisputed importance in the overall development of an individual

Why is FAST Reading Assessment critical?

  • Gives a complete picture of each child's decoding, comprehension and reading fluency levels
  • It ascertains a child’s reading level – at, above or below grade/age level
  • Provides support in improving every child's reading, learning and expression abilities that build future academic success
  • Helps in building champions for life by continous and comprehensive evaluation year on year to establish learning gaps

How do I take FAST Reading Assessment?

  • One-on-One, 100% online test, to be taken by each child within the school premises under supervision
  • Conducted and coordinated at a pre-defined time slot

What do I know after taking FAST ?

  • National Norms
    • Grade wise national reading benchmarks for the country
    • Intra and Inter school report on students reading levels with reference to national data
  • Child
    • ‘Real time’ individual test scores for each child.
    • Individual percentile score of each child mapped to the school’s overall performance
  • School
    • School’s performance scores mapped locally and nationally
    • The ability to identify children who may be at risk of academic non-performance and provide corrective guidance
  • Repurposing
    • Recommended interventions for supporting children who are either at risk or need a boost to improve
    • Recommended best practices for schools and parents on how to transform a good reader into a great one

What is FAST based on?

  • Based on internationally established reading outcomes and assessment principles as laid down by PIRLS (global) *, Common Core (USA) ** and NCF 2005 (India) ***
  • Contextualized to meet culture and comfort of Indian children
  • Adaptive assessment to suit children’s personalised learning needs

how much do I pay?

  • FAST Reading Assessment is completely FREE of charge for schools across the country.
  • Slots are limited (on first come first serve basis )

Any Questions?

+91 9077110077

* Sample test link to see if system works seamlessly in your school
* PIRLS - Progress in International Reading Literacy Study
** Common Core (USA)a high quality academic standards
*** NFC - Progress in International Reading Literacy Study