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F-ast.com is not a virtual gambling operator or a gaming site of any kind. We are simply a site that offers information about casinos and sports betting. Most of our information caters to all aspiring gamblers and players that intend to gamble for entertainment or make a few bucks. However, we do not guarantee direct wins. 

Usually, we talk about online betting on our platform. However, you are responsible for adhering to all the current local laws governing gambling in your area or state. 

Any betting or gambling advice offered on this site must not be considered professional or legal advice. F-ast.com, its affiliates, and licensors, therefore, disclaim any representations, conditions, non-interference, merchantability, and non-infringement regarding its materials, content, and services. 

This website strives to make sure all the published content is correct at the publication time but does not implicitly guarantee the timeliness, completeness, or even the perpetuation of the subject matter. Notably, the content provided herein should be considered as opinions rather than formal endorsement or even demonstrated fact. 

This website’s content is educational, informational, and for entertainment purposes only. Thus, readers can use the information to help make the right gambling choices but can still perform their research even after consuming our content. We will not be liable for any losses, errors, or mistakes made by the reader in their gambling activities upon reading and applying some of the gambling techniques, tips, strategies, and systems shared on our website. 

We provide high-quality reviews on gambling sites and sports betting websites. All the reviews provided contain the exact features, figures, and even guidelines that you can find on the site in context. Therefore, you can rely on the content of our reviews to make an informed decision. We let our readers make their choices even after reading our reviews because our role is to provide accurate details about every gambling website. 

F-ast.com does not collect any money from readers. As stated earlier, the primary role of our website is to provide gambling information for free. Readers should therefore visit the site, gain gambling knowledge, and apply it to gambling activities without spending any money on our website. It is a free resource that you can always use when you need help with gambling. 

Readers can access, read and even revisit our website without registration. The site is free, and anyone can read the reviews published on the site without the need for an account. However, readers can opt-in to receive our regular emails about new reviews, offers, and much more that can help them better their gambling experience. This is optional, and readers can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime without seeking permission from us. 

F-ast.com does not provide gambling activities such as betting on sports, playing casino games, etc. our site offers information about gambling but is never involved in any gambling services. We give recommendations of the sites we have tested and reviewed so that you can try them out. 

This site does not sell or transfer data to third-party affiliates, licensors, or even advertisers. The data we collect from the readers are used for marketing purposes only. Also, we use the data we collect when you browse our site to understand your needs to help us offer better content easily. Our site determines your location, so you get content that applies to your area or state. Also, we can use your email details to deliver promotional content or some adverts. 

We use adverts on our website to generate revenue to keep the site running. Our advertisers pay to have the ads placed on the site, and we make money out of them. However, we advise you to research the info you get from the ads so that you can benefit from the advertised services or materials. Notably, we will not be responsible for any losses made after buying services or materials from any of our advertisers. 

We may receive a commission from our affiliate partners. In this case, we partner with casinos that we endorse. If you click on the links on our reviews to register, claim bonuses, or do any other activity, we will get paid by the casino or sports gambling. This is one of the main ways we earn revenue so that we can keep generating reviews. However, this does not mean that our reviews are sponsored or guest-posted. The reviews are independent, and we at F-ast.com visit every casino or sports gambling site to test it before we can recommend it to you. Thus, we do not rely on hearsay or details from any other source. 

You can rely on our website for all gambling and betting information. We are committed to offering honest reviews, tested recommendations, and timely bonus notifications. Also, we urge you to obey all gambling laws in your area or state. Lastly, remember to go through the privacy policy and every site’s terms and conditions before registering.

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